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the branch of engineering that deals with things smaller than 100 nanometers (especially with the manipulation of individual molecules)

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We believe that our mix of nanophysics and synthetic biology is bound to yield deep insight into the biophysical underpinnings of cellular reproduction.
The scopes of the conference are as follows: nanomaterials, nanophysics, nano-electronics, nanomechanics, nanochemistry and chemical engineering, nanomedicine and pharmacology, nanotechnology applications in biology, agricultural sciences, environment, calculations and mathematics as well as economy and management.
Three of the seven books of the Handbook are devoted to applications, while four deal with theory, methods, and the fundamentals of nanophysics.
The text was developed from courses on nanophysics and nanotechnology and takes a physical approach to discussing nanostructures, methods of growth and manipulation, characterization methods with a focus on optical analyzing methods and nanooptics, and nanoarchitectures and applications in optics, electronics, quantum computers, molecular nanostructures, biology, and soft matter.
Among the scopes of the congress, mention can be made of nanomedicine, nanobiotechnology, nanochemistry, nanomaterials, nanophysics, nanomechanics, nanoelectronics and nano-computation.