sodium nitrite

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nitrite used to preserve and color food especially in meat and fish products

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Kinetic behavior of Salmonella on low NaNO2 sausages during aerobic and vacuum storage.
Brown told the council he would like to create a partnership with the city in which he will supply the NanO2 system and the city would supply the space and energy costs for it.
Caption: Figure 2: SEM images of Nano1 (a), Nano2 (b), Nano3 (c), Nano4 (d), and Nano5 (e).
Then the suspension was cooled in ice bath (<5[degrees]C), and 1.02 g of NaNO2 dissolved in aqueous solution was slowly added under stirring to generate the diazonium chloride, which was immediately added to BNNTs suspension under stirring within 30 min at room temperature.
APBA forms nanoscale films on HOPG and CNTs as reduced in acidic NaNO2 solutions chemically or electrochemically.
0.3mL of 5% NaNO2 was added to each mixture and rested for 5 min before Addition of 0.3mL 10% Al[Cl.sub.3].
Briefly, indole concentrations of 0.1-1 [micro]mol/ml were prepared with 96% ethanol and 0.5 ml of each concentration was transferred to the screw cap tube separately and 0.5 ml NaNO2 and 2 ml Gly-HCl buffer (pH=2.6, 0.1 M) were added to it.
Izzati, Stainless Steel AISI 304 pipe's Inhibition in the Seawater environment Using NaNO2. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, 2015.
Briefly, deionized water (1.50 ml) was added to the sample (0.25 ml) and then 5% Sodium nitrite (NaNO2; 90 uL) was added.
At zero time, 0.3 ml of 5% w/v NaNO2 was added to the flask.
Num balao de 50 mL foram colocados 5 mL do extrato, 1,5 mL de NaNO2 a 5%, 3 mL de AlCl3 a 10%, e 10 mL de NaOH 1M, e o volume final, aferido com agua destilada.
Nitrate was quantified by a reference to a standard curve generated by dissolving 1-50,000nM of sodium nitrate (NaNO2) in the assay medium.
Para la elaboracion de las salchichas se utilizo carne de pollo, CDM de codorniz, agua, sal comun, concentrado de soya (Glycine max), almidon de papa (Solanum tuberosum), aceite de maiz (Zea mays), condimentos, Sal de cura (10% de NaNO2 y 90% de NaCl), fosfatos y eritorbato de sodio.