Namoi River

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a river in southeastern Australia that flows generally northwest to join the Darling River

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Donaldson S, Heath T (1997) Namoi river catchment report on land degradation and proposals for integrated management for its treatment and prevention.
Salt loads in the Namoi River are predicted to become the second largest of any river in the New South Wales portion of the Murray-Darling Basin, with salinity levels likely to exceed 8 dS/m on average, within the next 20 years.
Concomitantly, land evaluation for wheat confirmed the importance in the central, northern, and south-east areas and by the Namoi River. Evaluations for oats and barley were generally similar to wheat (see Figs 6a, b; 7a, b) because soil variables that limit wheat suitability are like those for oats and barley.
The improved pastures are mostly associated with low lying areas near the Namoi River. Many soils on basaltic parent material near the foot slopes of the Nandewar Range also carry improved pasture.
He tells of when the party passed through the region between the Gwydir and Namoi rivers: ...
CSIRO has dated sediment deposited at the junction of the Barwon and Namoi rivers in Western New South Wales to show that on the Barwon River, sediment associated phosphorus concentrations have not changed in the last 50-200 years.