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fetal-looking colonial rodent of East Africa

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Caption: Naked mole rats live in underground colonies with their families.
It has more than 100 employees and has assembled a Noah's ark of yeast, worms, and more exotic creatures like the naked mole rats, which are kept at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, about 30 miles from Calico's South San Francisco headquarters.
Seluanov has the second-largest naked mole rat colony in the world.
According to the magazine, one paper explained how a ribosome in naked mole rats "excels at producing error-free proteins," while the other focused on "a supersized version of a complex sugar that...builds up in the spaces between cells and may keep the cells from clumping together and forming tumors."
The mice's pain-avoiding strategy is similar to that used by naked mole rats in Africa, Park says.
1 In the animal kingdom, do naked mole rats have hair?
The plants and animals that do survive here might not be pretty, or cute - such as the sabretoothed naked mole rats that live underground - but they demand your respect just by their very existence.
* OPINION: Page 15 Desert rats are cunning survivors NAKED Mole Rats, also known by their pet name of "sand puppies" because they are bald and almost blind, are one of the few mammals in the animal kingdom about which we know relatively little.
Animal Adaptations: Communication (1597532436, $49.95) explores the manner in which a variety of amazing creatures connect with one another - from how naked mole rats identify family members, to how meerkats let one another know it's safe to forage for food, to how dolphins recognize one another even if their water has low visibility.
Naked mole rats live in underground colonies similar to those of social insects, with one breeding queen and numerous "workers".
(1992) "Naked Mole Rats." Scientific American, 267(2):72-78.
PORTLAND - Super-sized naked mole rats? Not quite, but two new additions to the Oregon Zoo have a naked, wrinkly appearance - not to mention tusks - that will leave an impression on visitors.
Among naked mole rats, a eusocial lifestyle probably developed, in part, because most colony members are closely related.
They begin with topics about "doing science," including several papers on ethics and examples of how they apply, on the mechanics of behavior, including several articles about how we think animals think about numbers, emotions, and sexuality, on how animal behavior evolves, as expressed in domestication and changes in building their homes, and on the adaptive nature of reproductive and social behaviors in such subjects as siblicide, the evolution of jealousy, and the altruistic behaviors of naked mole rats.