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fetal-looking colonial rodent of East Africa

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Caption: Naked mole rats live in underground colonies with their families.
It has more than 100 employees and has assembled a Noah's ark of yeast, worms, and more exotic creatures like the naked mole rats, which are kept at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, about 30 miles from Calico's South San Francisco headquarters.
Seluanov and Gorbunova made the cover of the prestigious journal Nature with their discovery that high molecular weight hyaluronan (hyaluronic acid) in naked mole rats protects them from cancer.
While they may not appreciate the crack about beauty contests, naked mole rats have carved out a reputation for healthy living.
Children will certainly enjoy this entertaining book but the real value has to be in all the information about many creatures ranging from the naked mole rat, with teeth outside its mouth to the emperor scorpion with armour which could survive a nuclear blast.
1 In the animal kingdom, do naked mole rats have hair?
The naked mole rat, a hairless rodent that lives in ant-like colonies underground, appears to enjoy complete protection against the disease, despite its unusually long 30-year lifespan.
SMILING A naked mole rat, which has given up the secret of its incredible cancer immunity
One of the most fascinating of animals, though, is the naked mole rat, which keeps itself out of the heat by living a strange underground existence.
The plants and animals that do survive here might not be pretty, or cute - such as the sabretoothed naked mole rats that live underground - but they demand your respect just by their very existence.
For example, the letter N is represented by "A naked mole rat nags a nag", and the colorful illustration shows a sharp-toothed naked mole rat perched on the back of an aggravated older horse
LDP WHO would have thought that the naked mole rat, a spectacularly inconspicuous creature with a predisposition to buck teeth, could hold the key to a major health research breakthrough?
And the news that scientists at the University of Liverpool are involved in groundbreaking work on rats that are resistant to cancer - the naked mole rat - merely serves to underline this important fact.
WILLEMS, Mo Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed Walker, 2009 unpaged $15.