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a central plateau region of the Arabian Peninsula

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It was not known whence they came, while many like the Western travellers Philby and Anne Blunt simply assumed they had "recently" migrated from Najd, having been pushed north into Syria by other tribes.
"I was working on an oilfield for Galfar and they knew that Iveco meant Dant Najd, because nobody else had Iveco trucks there."
Over the centuries, Najd and Hijaz, modern Saudi Arabia, had been centers of civilizations and important destinations for Arab traders and center of trade with the external world such as Egypt, India and Africa.
The religious narrative upon which Abdul-Aziz justified his authority in Najd, was the Wahhabi (7) Dawa (8).
The finalistsincluded Rayan Atlas from Algeria, Selim Chebil from Tunisia, Issa Hesso from Syria and of course, Najd.
The eight chapters of Part I cover "Bedouin Arts," "Bedouin Women's Music and Dance," "Taggagat: Female Drumming Bands," "Hadar Arts from the Najd: Songs with Drums," "Hadar (Khammari) Arts in the Upper Gulf," "Gulf Wedding Practices and Songs," "Incoming Arts: African and Persian," and "Sea Music Traditions, and Saul." Playing out artistically in the song and dance of the Bedouin are the strong values they historically have placed upon competition and chivalry as well as the central role of the camel and desert animals in their livelihood.
The Minister of Housing also signed an agreement with Arc Plan International Engineering Consultancy to prepare the studies for the structural and detailed layout for the new residential complex in Al Najd area at a cost of RO 217,000.
NAJD Rent-a-Car, one of the UAE's leading automotive rental providers and a member of the Al Basel Group of Companies, will invest Dh5 million ($1.36 million) for the acquisition of eight new luxury cars to be added to its fleet.
O Allah bestow your blessings on our Yemen." The people said, "O Messenger of Allah, and our Najd." The Prophet (S) again said, "O Allah bestow your blessings on our Shaam and Yemen." The people said, "O Messenger of Allah, and our Najd." On that the Prophet, (S), said,
A crowd favorite was the finale dress designed by Alaa Najd and executed by Pierre Abi Hayla, pastry chef consultant and owner of Le Noir Atelier du Chocolat.
An IS-affiliated group calling itself Najd Province claimed the Kuwait City bombing as well as suicide attacks at two Shiite mosques in Saudi Arabia in May.
The self-proclaimed group Najd Province, which is affiliated with the Takfiri ISIL outfit, claimed responsibility for the bomb attack.
A local affiliate of the Islamic State group calling itself the Najd Province has claimed responsibility for the bombing.
A group calling itself Najd Province, which is affiliated with the Islamic State, said it carried out the attack to punish mosque leaders for trying to convert Sunnis.
He also contends that Ibn Sa'ud used their presence to portray his Wahhabi-Salafi project as a revival of Islam worldwide rather than a revival of the people of Najd, as is so often propagated.