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americana was exclusive for Egeria najas. There was no significant difference between macrophytes, considering Oligochaeta density (t = -2.13, p = 0.10).
najas the values of mean density among the taxa were similar, with predominance of Onconeura (Figure 2).
najas. There was no significant differences in diversity and evenness of Oligochaeta between the aquatic macrophytes (H': t = -0.05, p = 0.95; E: t = 0.14; p = 0.89), as well as in diversity of Chironomidae (t = -2.63, p = 0.06) (Figures 4A and B).
Hepatotoxicity and oxidative stress induced by Naja haje crude venom.
Cardiotoxicity of Naja nigricollis phospholipase A2 is not due to alterations in prostaglandin synthesis.