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Ranunculaceae Floyd Najas gracillima Najadaceae Clark (A.
SC/NM I T U Sp NAJADACEAE Najas guadalupensis (Spreng.) Magnus NM 6 N A Q SuF NYCTAGINACEAE Mirabilis hirsuta (Pursh) MacM.
In Hydrocharitaceae, similar reduction is known from several genera (Cook, 1998a), and the same applies for Juncaginaceae (Haynes et al., 1998a), Najadaceae (Haynes et al., 1998b), Positloniaceae (Kuo & McComb, 1998b), Potamogetonaceae (Haynes et al., 1998c), Zannichelliaceae (Haynes et al., 1998d), and Zosteraceae (Kuo & McComb, 1998c).
Families represented by a single species are the Alismataceae, Araceae, Cabombaceae, Juncaceae, Lamiaceae, Najadaceae, Rubiaceae, Saururaceae, Sparganiaceae, Typhaceae, and Zannichelliaceae.