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a cobra of tropical Africa and Asia


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Least similarity was observed with Black-banded sea krait (Laticauda semifasciata) and Indian cobra (Naja naja) i.e.
The common cobra (Naja naja), Russell's viper (Dabiola russelii), saw-scaled viper (Echis carinatus), and common krait (Bungarus caeruleus) are the four highly venomous snakes of the approximately 13 known species of snakes in India.
Also, envenoming by Naja naja nigricollis induced clinical complications different from that caused by E.
Indian cobra Naja naja naja (8.83%, N = 46; family Elapidae), Gray's rat snake Coluber ventromaculatus (7.87%, N = 41; family Colubridae), Common krait Bungarus caeruleus (7.49%, N = 39; family Elapidae) and Checkered keel-back Xenochrophis piscator piscator (7.29%, N = 38; family Colubridae) were the most abundant and diversified species, whereas Northern wolf snake Lycodon striatus striatus, Sindh long-nose sand snake Lytorhynchus paradoxus and Afghan awl-head snake L.
Cardiotoxin was isolated from Naja naja atra (Chinese cobra) venom; this toxin was able to potentiate platelet aggregation induced by ADP, thrombin, collagen, and venom phospholipase [A.sub.2] [41].
Purification and characterization of a novel antinociceptive toxin from Cobra venom ( Naja naja atra ).
Envenoming by the common krait (Bungarus caeruleus) and Asian cobra (Naja naja): Clinical manifestations and their management in a rural setting.
Naja Naja is the second most venomous species of Cobra.
The team determined that 87 of the snakes that had bitten people were venomous, including 42 cobras (Naja naja, one shown) and 22 common kraits (Bungarus caeruleus).
Cardiotoxin accounts for approximately 25-50% of the components of Naja naja atra venom (NNAV) [11].
The present study tested the hypothesis that neostigmine, given IN, would be an effective initial treatment of Naja naja envenomed mice.
The complement system of snakes is of particular interest because the venom of Naja naja and related Asian snakes of the genus Naja [53] and the venom of Austrelaps superbus [54], an Australian elapid, contain a C3 structural and functional analog, cobra venom factor (CVF).
Cardiotoxin III (CTXIII), composed of 60 basic amino acid residues, is isolated from the snake venom of Formosan cobra Naja naja atra.
Ruptured stomach in a Common Cobra (Naja naja) and its surgical correction.
Venoms of Bungarus caeruleus (BCV), Naja naja (NNV), Vipera russelli (VRV) and Naja kaouthia (NKV) at sub-lethal doses significantly reduced ehrlich ascite carcinoma (EAC) cell count {in vivo) both after 3-days pre-treatment and after 10 days post-treatment.