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a Dravidian language spoken in south central India

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The ghost mother consolidates positive visions of indigeneity, motherhood, memory, cultural practices and female power, serving as a healer and role model for Emmalehua, Tivi, Naiki, Pomu and Fisi.
Naiki et al., "Innate immune responses during respiratory tract infection with a bacterial pathogen induce allergic airway sensitization," Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, vol.
We are indebted to Naiki Puplampu, Clara Yeboah, Mba Mosore, Monica Owusu, Joseph Otchere, and Patrick Ben-Coffie for their help in the field.
Among the first conclusions is the aspect of the ship's location at the time of being cornered by Coast Guard ship ' Naiki Devi'.
See also Yoshiko Naiki, Assessing Policy Reach: Japan's Chemical Policy Reform in Response to the EU's REACH Regulation, 22 J.
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6.Koshimoto Y, Maeda M, Naiki H, Nakakuki K, Ishii Y.
For a general discussion of the discretionary doctrine in section 301 see Yoshiko Naiki, The Mandatory Discretionary Doctrine in WTO Law: The US-Section 301 Case and Its Aftermath, 7 J.
But two genetic subgroups overlap: South Dravidian II (Telugu, Gondi, Konda, Kui, Kuvi, Pengo, Manda) and Central Dravidian (Kolami, Naiki, Parji, Ollari, Gadaba).
Jung-Mendacolli & Melhem, 1995; Naiki & Nagamasu, 2003; Pailler
In 1999, the agency published its first Bank Examination Manual, in contrast to prior practice of maintaining secret internal regulations (naiki) on such matters.
Then Mr Sharif quoted the proverb, 'Naiki kar darya main daal'' on which his daughter Maryam Nawaz intervened and added that minister of state Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry was saying, 'Humari naiki tu darya say nikal kar humari jaan hi nahin chhorti'.