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a Dravidian language spoken in south central India

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Koshimoto Y, Maeda M, Naiki H, Nakakuki K, Ishii Y.
For a general discussion of the discretionary doctrine in section 301 see Yoshiko Naiki, The Mandatory Discretionary Doctrine in WTO Law: The US-Section 301 Case and Its Aftermath, 7 J.
But two genetic subgroups overlap: South Dravidian II (Telugu, Gondi, Konda, Kui, Kuvi, Pengo, Manda) and Central Dravidian (Kolami, Naiki, Parji, Ollari, Gadaba).
Jung-Mendacolli & Melhem, 1995; Naiki & Nagamasu, 2003; Pailler
1991: 1/(6) 10; Naiki & Nagamasu, 2003: 4/(6) 10)
Using Steever's (1993: 4) names, three distinct and coherent groups are universally recognized: 1) South: Tamil, Malayalam, Irula, Kodagu, Toda, Kota, Kannada, and Tulu; 2) South-Central: Telugu, Gondi, Konda, Kui, Kuvi, Pengo, and Manda; 3) Central: Kolami, Naiki, Parji, Ollari, and Gadaba.
11) Ikezawa T, Naiki K, Moriura S, Ikeda S, Hirai M.
I was also fortunate to have talented young Japanese postdoctoral fellows spend time in my laboratory, including the late Masaharu Naiki, Akemi Suzuki, Tamao Endo and Masato Umeda.
Naiki and Fukui confirmed that the orientation of flake-shape talc particles influenced the direction of PP crystallization.