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an Old Testament book telling Nahum's prophecy of the fall of Nineveh

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If young Nahum would come work in the tavern, they promised to see to his upkeep and education.
"I am proud of my Latin culture and history," says Mendoza, "and I know that just like myself each Nahum Mendoza individually has a story to share that will enrich the lives of others."
The listing of publications by Norman (Nahum) Golb (b.1928) cites nine books--the earliest published in 1965--and hundreds of articles, the earliest published in the 1950s, and the most recent, online, in 2011.
Fundraiser: Sophie Miles, and (right) swimmer Nahum Skeete with his sister.
Well, Nahum, if you asked me whether I shall die and be buried in a Jewish state I would tell you Yes; in ten years, fifteen years, I believe there will still be a Jewish state.
(text) Nahum Ziersch (illus.) Lights, Camera, Action Hero!
Karsan's executive director Jan Nahum told a press conference that he was "very sorry to hear that his company lost the race" although Karsan had yet to receive any official letter from New York authorities.
Curator Andrew Nahum said: "Finding a new representation of Watt is a real discovery.
Nahum's name means "comfort." His message is simple and direct: Be comforted--the powers of this world stand under judgment.
Ramallah -- PNN -- Eyal Nahum, an Israeli soldier, was indicted on Sunday for harassing several thousands of underage girls sexually over the internet.
Nahum Palacios, director of a television station in Tocoa near the Caribbean coast, was shot to death March 14 as he drove home.
Nahum 1,7 Not a day passes says the author of the Cloister and the Hearth, but men and women of no note do great deeds, speak great words and suffer noble sorrows.
Andrew Nahum, principal curator, technology and engineering at the Science Museum, said: "RJ Mitchell stands out from other engineers not only for his pioneering designs but for his enormous output--developing 24 aeroplanes over 20 years, culminating in the Spitfire, which was produced under the strain of cancer in the final years of his life.
"The authorities should apply restrictions to guard the honor of Israel's daughters," wrote Rabbi Nahum Gortald, the head of the tribunal.
Fourteen-year-old Nahum Strickland from Jumeirah College won the 'Young Composer of the Gulf Lifetime Trophy'.