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an industrial city in southern Honshu

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The official quoted a senior Nasdaq Japan official as telling the Nagoya bourse, ''We do not intend to renew the (tie-up) contract with the OSE.
The Nagoya Immigration Bureau is planning to deport the 71 along with two others who agreed to questioning voluntarily, the officials said.
The 247-meter-high Midland Square, located close to JR Nagoya Station, is Japan's third-tallest building and the highest in central Japan.
Masami Kubo, of Nagoya's Midori Ward, admitted trying to kill her infant son by hitting him on the head and trying to strangle him at around 8 a.m.
Sato was arrested on suspicion of touching the waist of a 17-year-old high school girl on a train on private local railway Nagoya Railroad Co.'s Seto Line in Nagoya at around 8:30 a.m.
Passengers to/from Osaka and Nagoya who wish to check the status of their flights may visit the Flight Status page of the PAL web site, the airlines said.
The participants and guests at the seminar were welcomed by Takashi Kawamura, the Mayor of the Nagoya City.
In a second step, GUtech representatives are planning to visit their Japanese counterparts in the coming months at Nagoya University.
ISLAMABAD -- The Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Mushahidulllah Khan has urged respective provincial governments to pass legislation which implements the Nagoya Protocol in an effective manner.
Pfizer CentreOne is now offering services in Nagoya, Japan, providing in-country manufacture of highly potent oral solid dosage forms.
Nagoya (Japan): Sun-powered Solar Impulse 2, which has made an impromptu stop in Japan on its way around the world, was under cover in its mobile hangar on Wednesday as the team waited out the weather before heading to Hawaii.
TOKYO, Sha'ban 14, 1436, June 01, 2015, SPA -- A solar plane attempting to fly around the world without a drop of fuel plans to make an unscheduled stop Monday night in Nagoya, Japan, because of bad weather, AP reported.
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