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a syllabic script used in writing Sanskrit and Hindi

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The Nagari (Aborigine for "flowing" by the way) may have a patriotic following Down Under where, back in the 70s, the Bolwell brothers produced 800 or so fibreglass kit-cars of the same name.
As companies begin to state earnings in IFRS for the first quarter and First half of 2005, they also will have to restate results from 2004 to give investors an idea of how the 2005 IFRS results compare with the previous year, said Nagari.
Tenders are invited for Augmentation of conductor of 33KV line in 33 KV Singpur feeder emanating from 132/33 KV S/s Mohandi & Mid Span Pole at Different location of this Feeder Under Nagari Sub Dn from Raccoon to Dog under (O&M) Dn.
Tenders are invited for supply of 40mm,20mm and 12mm hbg (mc) metal for nagari mandal
Tenders are invited for Temporary Manning Of Vehicle Parking Stand At Nagari Railway Station For A Period Of 6 Months
Tenders are invited for Construction of Down Stream Launching Appron (Dumped Rip-Rap Pitching) on Dongapathara- Devpur- Darghan Anicut on Mahanadi River Near Village- Darghan, Block- Nagari, Dist- Dhamtari.
Vilasrao Desai, founder-director of Ambernath Jaihind Co-op Bank Ltd, and chairman of Kokan Nagari Sahakari Bank's Association Ltd.
Tenders are invited for Repairing of drainage chambers and covering it with RCC cover in Zone no 06 Ward no 25 at Ayodhya nagari police line janta quarter and nanda nagar.
Tenders are invited for Annual repair & Maintenance Operation to DC Office Nand Nagari, SDM Court Seelampur, HLTB Tahirpur, TCPC Tahirpur, Weavers Complex Nand Nagari, Superintendent office Sunder Nagari, Fire Station Tahirpur, Delhi.
Tenders are invited for Proposed pipe line at prabhag no 1 under nagari dalitettar sudharana yojana m c bhandara
Tenders are invited for Proposed pipe line at prabhag no 7 under nagari dalitettar sudharana yojana m c bhandara
damage pole LT & 09 nos Damage pole for 11 kv line at Bhursidongari & Nagari under Sihawa & Nagari D/C of CSD Dhamtari.
Station at Arjuni,Nagari & Guhannala under Sub Division Dhamtari & Nagari O & M Division Dhamtari of CSD Dhamtari.