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a desert in northern Saudi Arabia that is noted for its red sand and violent winds

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Last month, a fossil finger bone unearthed in Saudi Arabia's Nafud Desert pointed to what scientists are calling a new understanding of how the human species came out of Africa en route to the rest of world.
The major desert areas [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED] occur in North America (Sonoran, Great Basin, Chihuahuan, Mojave), South America (Sechura/Atacama, Puna/Altiplano, Chaco, Monte, Patagonia), Australia (Gibson, Great Sandy, Great Victoria, Tanami, Simpson), southern Africa (Namib, Kalahari), and Asia and northern Africa (Sahara, Arabian, Nafud, Negev, Kara-Kum, Kyzyl-Kum, Gobi, Thar, etc.).
The footprints of many adult humans carved deep in rocks were discovered on the banks of an ancient lake bed in the Nafud desert that scientists say was once a lush and damp area teeming with life, Prince Sultan Bin Salman, President of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH), said during a visit to the National Museum of Tokyo.
(Courtesy: SGS) JEDDAH: The Saudi Geological Survey (SGS) discovered the remnants of tusks, ribs, and forearms of a small mammoth in the Nafud Desert, east of the town of Tayma, noting that the discovered parts represent 84 percent of the mammoth.
The town of archaeological Jabah is located in the north-west of Hail, 100 kilometers inside Nafud desert is considered as one of the largest and most important rock inscriptions and paintings sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, an art museum of ancient peoples museums and a desert, heritage and tourist destination in the region includes the oldest human sites dating back to the stone ages.
Saudi Arabia intends to boost gas resources by 50 trillion cubic feet by 2011 through developing new fields in the Rub al-Khali (Empty Quarter), the Red Sea and the northern Nafud basin.
The deserts of Arabia also show traces of past wetter periods some 9,000-6,000 years ago, when the fauna of the lakes in what are now the Rub' al-Khali and An Nafud deserts included hippopotamuses.
Um Ruqaibah, Safar 2, 1434, Dec 15, 2012, SPA -- The vast Nafud desert fields witnessed over the past two days heavy attendance by participants in the festival of King Abdulaziz Pageantry Award For Camels at its 13th session.
She is the first European woman to have made a recorded journey to Central Arabia, travelling with her husband through the Nafud Desert to the Nejd.
RIYADH: A joint scientific Saudi-German research team discovered that Tayma, a large oasis in the Nafud desert with a long history of settlement, was a global cultural center and a beacon for trade in the Bronze Age.
ARCHAEOLOGICAL STOREHOUSE: Tayma, a large oasis in the Nafud Desert, has a long history of human settlement.
The meat of the competitive action begins on Friday morning at 07.35hrs with the first of four selective sections through the An Nafud desert.
Organizers have then laid on a timed super special stage in close proximity to the start area on March 10 and this precedes four selective sections through the An Nafud deserts on March 11-14.
It includes two major components situated in a desert landscape: Jabel Umm Sinman at the Jibah site, which is located about 80 km inside Hail Nafud which is full of rock inscriptions and drawings; and the Jabal Al-Manjor and Raat Al-Shwimis site located on the southwest part of the province about 270 km from the city of Hail.