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an Old Testament book telling Nahum's prophecy of the fall of Nineveh

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Cluster participation is theorised as incumbents' desire to access more effectively certain resources in industrial clusters by locating in geographic proximity (Enright 2000; Nachum and Keeble 2003; Porter 1998).
Sapir Nachum, BS, is a student at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York.
Nachum, Dunning, and Jones (2000) find a negative association between United Kingdom outward FDI in manufacturing and export-based relative comparative advantage from 1950 to 1970, but this relationship becomes positive from the 1970s to mid-1990s.
Guests included Shawn Buchanan, Larissa Noble, DJ Kitty Cash, Lauren Perez, Ashley Nachum, and Michael Leonov (pictured here, with Alana).
Painted by pop artist Roy Nachum, it depicts a child Rihanna with a golden crown over her eyes, holding up a balloon over a blood-red backdrop.
It was designed by Israeli-born New Yorker Roy Nachum.
Over the years, an endless list of major cultural figures became the place's steady clientele, including poets Nathan Alterman and Nathan Zach, painters Meir Pichhadze and Nachum Gutman, actor Amos Lavi, and Yossi Harel, the supervisor of the Exodus 1947 operation.
According to "agency" and "resource dependency theory", claim that women directors on board show different behavior from their male adjacent male board members and in presence of females that change the overall behavior of all board members and they considered as they can provide better monitoring and advisory services (Ismail, Abdullah, & Nachum, 2013).
Northboro: Ryan Lang, Princesa Cloutier, Yahel Nachum, Wesley Rogers
Arvatz succeeds Nachum Falek, Allot's current CFO, who is leaving to take up another opportunity.
This novel is the first to be published in the US by Liad Shohan, an Israeli attorney and the author of five best-selling novels in his native country, apparently considered "the Israeli John Grisham." I was immediately intrigued by the setting, and by the protagonists, for the book presents wonderful character studies of three men: Amit Giladi, a would-be investigative journalist who'd been covering crime and education for the local Tel Aviv paper for 7-1/2 months; Police Inspector Eli Nachum; and Ziv Nevo, a man who in the last eighteen months had lost his job and his wife.
“We see Contact Box as the Dropbox of contacts - users can create any number of contact lists and each list can be jointly maintained by any number of users and can be accessed anywhere, anytime,” says CEO Gal Nachum.
Ben Simon, Nachum Rosen, Mordechai Rosner, Abraham Spierer.
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