sodium chloride

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a white crystalline solid consisting mainly of sodium chloride (NaCl)

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The calculated values for [[theta].sub.D], [[mu].sub.*], [lambda] and Tc under various pressures are given in Table 3 (for NaCl structure) and Table 4 (for CsCl structure).
In our calculation we have chosen the NaCl structure for RbBr at ambient pressure.
In our calculation, we have chosen the NaCl structure for CdO at ambient pressure.
The metallization volume of AlN is V/[V.sub.o]=0.756 (NaCl structure), which corresponds to the pressure [P.sub.M] = 1 Mbar.
A sampling of topics: the texture of thin NiSi films and its effect on agglomeration, study of texture evolution at high strain rates in FCC materials, three-dimensional FIB-OIM of ceramic materials, tentative simulation of crystal rotation for NaCl structures, grain boundary patterns in dynamically recrystallized quartz aggregates, annealing texture evolution, texture and anisotropy of MP34N wire for conduct leads, texture and micro-hardness evolution of submicrograined copper, and a model of plastic spin taking into account grain interaction during rolling.