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* The sale of 30 & 32 West 72nd Street, NYC, NY. Just steps from Central Park, these two 25' foot wide apartment buildings contain 30 apartments.
--Sponsoring a film and talking about Manavi's services at the South Asian Independent Film Festival (SAIFF) in NYC, NY.
Write: 770 Lexington Ave., Suite 300, NYC, NY 10021.
5 (Fall 1993)--For/Za Sarajevo (104-108 Reade St., NYC, NY 10013, $10).
Galerie Mourlot makes these masterpieces and their history available to the public at 16 E 79th street in NYC, NY, and internationally through galleries, museums, and art fairs.
Devlin of NYC, NY, and 3 grandchildren Samuel Forgie, Michael Pond, and Stephen Pond.