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a large territory in northwestern Canada

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I just cannot believe it Former NWT anchorman Gordon Burns
The accomplishment of publishing 30 consecutive volumes of the Compendium of Research in the NWT would not have been possible without the support and contributions of many members of the NWT research community.
Several revolutionary groups participated in the demonstration, including NWT, the Our Name is Mohamed El-Gendy campaign, Essam Atta group, and the Popular Current.
DIL is currently finalizing the purchase of two GNWT-owned buildings in Yellowknife and the lease of related airport lands as the site for their new NWT diamond manufacturing operations.
Commenting on the developments, Schibsteda[euro](tm)s CFO Trond Berger welcomed NWT as supportive shareholder in Polaris Media, while expressing disappointment with the decision by NTM to sell back their stock in the firm.
The NWT's fiscal plan is guided by a Fiscal Responsibility Policy that
With the section's NWT Reengineer project in 1999 and early input from an advisory group of local agency staff, Fischer said PTS was able to take "a big step in looking at 40 percent distance versus 60 percent classroom." Noting Lockery's mention of what works best at distance and in the classroom, Fischer added, "while we have come a big step from the black and white concept, we still believe there are things that really need classroom interaction.
And to commemorate the anniversary, staff from NWT will lead a five-kilometre stroll around Holystone North Wood, near Rothbury, Northumberland.
The Defense Logistics Agency and Naval Supply Systems Command are continuing their partnership on the Navy Warehouse Transfer (NWT) initiative
NWT had the highest ratio of residential school students per capita, and there is still an aboriginal majority population in two of the three territories.
Shareholders of NWT approved intermediate dividends.
The most remote areas of Labrador, northern Quebec, the arctic regions of the Northwest Territories (NWT), the Yukon and Nunavut, have nurses working out of community health centres in fly-in locations, usually with less than 1,000 people.
Come visit us at booth #500 in the North Building exhibit hall for an update on the development of Avalon's rapidly advancing Nechalacho rare earth elements deposit, Thor Lake NWT. Enter code "AVL" to waive the $20 registration fee at
NWT chairman Chris Jackson, who is also the Welsh Mountain Zoo's administrative director in Upper Colwyn Bay, said: "The feeling generally is that it has been a below par Easter to date, that's largely due to the weather.
Carrothers, reporting in 1967, had "sought to make our recommendations appropriate for a decade." In 1977, amid the maelstrom of new calls for provincehood; the ITC, Dene, and Metis claims; and numerous proposals for division now from Aboriginal groups, Pierre Trudeau appointed Charles (Bud) Drury, a former member of his cabinet, as his "Special Representative for Constitutional Development in the NWT." While not formally a commission, the enterprise was often known as such.