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the compass point midway between north and west

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(https://twitter.com/NWSWPC/status/1151188475414286337) The NWS Weather Prediction Center (NWS WPC) tweeted: "The heat is on!
The NWS won out over 74 other clubs that competed in a blind judging format.
In the latest storm system, multiple possible tornadoes hit southwest and central Mississippi Thursday night and early Friday, the NWS said, but the damage will have to be surveyed before confirmation of twisters.
Caption: Mixed Messages, (right) Tornado (red), flash flood (green), severe thunderstorm (yellow), and special marine warnings (purple) issued by the NWS Houston/Galveston office during Harvey, (middle) Screen capture of a Tweet from a person on their roof near a confirmed tornado during the height of the storm, (left) Call to action discrepancy between the tornado warning and Civil Emergency message during an overlapping flash flood emergency.
Growth experiments for GaN and InN NWs were carried out using Riber Compact 12 MBE setup equipped with the effusion Ga and In effusion
In the case of Ag NWs in EG-PVP system, two closely related elements, namely, [Cl.sup.-] ions and PVP molecules that specifically adsorb on the {100} planes of Ag NPs, are reported to facilitate the unidirectional growth of Ag seeds [23-26, 28, 36-40].
(4) Second, recall that in the 1995 NPT Review Conference (RevCon)--the first one held after the Cold War's end-many NNWS demanded that the NWS reaffirm Article VI disarmament commitments in exchange for their vote to renew the NPT indefinitely.
According to the NWS, "The intent of the FAA in retiring the FA and transitioning to more-modern digital and graphical forecasts allows the Aviation Weather Center (AWC) to focus the efforts of forecasters on maximizing operational benefit to aviation end users, resulting in improved weather information to decision-makers."
Hobby's TAFs come from the NWS and Ellington's are issued by the military.
The cable was developed by growing large-area, high-aspect-ratio and freestanding layers of CuO, AuPd and MnOs core-shell nanowhiskers (NWs) design around the conductor copper cable.
Austin, Muharram 10, 1437, Oct 23, 2015, SPA -- The National Weather Service (NWS) issued a flash-flood watch Friday for large parts of the south-central U.S.
MEG in nm-sized hydrogen-passivated silicon nanowires (NWs), and quasi two-dimensional nanofilms depends strongly on the degree of the core structural disorder as shown by the many-body perturbation theory (MBPT) calculations based on the DFT simulations.
Having a skilled operator at the NWS office means that we have eye-to-eye contact with the forecasters.