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the agency that provides scientific and engineering and technical support for submarine and undersea warfare systems

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By NUWC Division, Keyport Public Affairs--October-December 2014
Owner] Sharon Hertzler was a great host to the students and gave a good description of how the techniques she uses are similar to what was available in the 18th century," said Roy Manstan, a retired engineer for the NUWC who was instrumental in starting the re-creation process.
The kids are involved in every piece of this project, whether their hands were on it or there eyes, they were brought through the process," said Scott Boyd, the engineer who oversees the manufacturing processes at the NUWC.
As a command, NUWC Newport has long focused on the environment and ways to mitigate our impact," said Cramer.
FISC Puget Sound managers briefed the NUWC Division Keyport leadership team at each phase of the transition, ensuring their satisfaction that supply support was not impacted by the turnover from contract to civil service personnel.
The team also created metrics to illustrate the ways in which NUWC is benefitting from ESI's software licensing strategy and its cost savings mechanisms.
Work will be performed at BAE Systems facilities in Groton, Connecticut, and Middletown, Rhode Island, and onsite at NUWC headquarters in Newport, Rhode Island.
The virtual Combat Systems Center has the potential to allow us to effectively train crew members around the world without having to transport them to our physical facilities," said Steve Aguiar, Metaverse Exploration Project lead, at NUWC.
I'm delighted to see that NUWC has embraced this proven technique for improving efficiency, effectiveness and innovation.
The larger of the two contracts was issued for NUWC Code 25 Laboratory Operations & Maintenance Services, in which PURVIS will provide operational, technical and engineering services in support of the facilities, systems and laboratories assigned to the Fleet Installation and Facility Management Branch of the Undersea Combat Systems Department.
In 2004, Aker was one of the first recipients of the NUWC Transformation Award for his efforts associated with NUWC's realignment process.
The contract is a continuation of work BAE Systems has performed for NUWC since 1979.
For more than 30 years, the company has provided a range of services to NUWC in Keyport, Washington; Newport, Rhode Island; and Groton, Connecticut.