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Synonyms for spline

a flexible strip (wood or rubber) used in drawing curved lines

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a thin strip (wood or metal)

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For a two-dimensional geometry we need two NURBS basis functions like:
Even though quartic NURBS basis functions are used, the scale of the equilibrium equation of IGA model is smaller than that of quadratic FE model.
7 shows the advantage of our technique compared to the traditional NURBS representation commonly used in geometric modeling and computer graphics.
A shape-preserving data embedding algorithm for NURBS curves and surfaces.
The Gaussian rough surface is modeled by the NURBS surface with 23 control points in each direction of u and v [13].
Por todo lo anterior, se concluye que los parametros de las NURBS en el que se va a implementar, la RNA, son los puntos de control.
New curves and control points were added on the NURBS surfaces in order to allow improving local details.
Las curvas y superficies NURBS evolucionaron a partir del trabajo pionero de Pierre Bezier, quien planteo la formulacion matematica de una clase de curvas parametricas, para crear graficas en un ordenador, en el ano de 1970 [8, 17].
A way for optimizing the NURBS surface fitting is manipulating the values of the parameter surface, but this implies to deal with non linear problems during the fitting process.
There are also thousands of preexisting part programs that use a short line segment approximation of a NURBS surface.
In such cases, new tools help fix problems quickly, such as filling gaps in NURBS surfaces.
Polygon meshes and cross-sections produced in EvalViewer or Spider, along with the original scanned data, can be transferred to Studio, AutoStudio or SurfaceStudio for advanced NURBS surface fitting and complete NURBS modeling.
Among the value leaders in digital CNC, Siemens has introduced PC-based controls expressly for job shops and producers who require full function CNC, but who recognize that such features as acceleration with jerk limitation, direct NURBS interpolation, high level language expansion, execution of large CNC programs from the hard disk, cycle support, 100 zero offsets, and multiple compensations should be included as standard.
NURBS can be used to represent analytic shapes, such as cones, as well as free-form shapes, such as car bodies.