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the agency that provides scientific and engineering and technical support for all aspects of surface warfare

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First to assume power on Phillip's departure was the commissioned lieutenant-governor, Major Francis Grose, who also commanded the NSWC.
A significant outcome of the meeting was the universal acknowledgement that both NSWC and industry have important roles in supporting the fleet, at all levels, from components to systems of systems.
As part of the grooming, a NSWC team of engineers and technicians inspects and evaluates all of the ship's operations to be sure they are working effectively.
The cooperation between NSWC Dahlgren Division and Sim Ventions engineers, scientists, and developers is expected to improve planning, development, and testing associated with OA tactical components and management tools.
NSWC will be the testing ground for the module, which is expected to be fielded this year.
We are excited to continue to expand our long-standing relationship with NSWC Crane," said Tom Watson, SAIC senior vice president and general manager of the Navy and Marine Corps Customer Group.
As the ship's users became increasingly familiar with the ADEPT system, they frequently used it without assistance from NSWC Port Hueneme personnel.
For the survey, the co-chairs selected a team of 10 individuals from a cross section of industry, government, and academia (including DAU; Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Corona; NSWC Crane; Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC); the BMPCOE; and the DoC.
The initial seven pilot projects include "Navy Headquarters Web Readiness Display," for the Chief of Naval Operations; "Unit Level Performance and Readiness Prototype Web site," for the Naval Warfare Assessment Station, Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Division; "Integrated Technical Data Center," for the NSWC, Crane Division; "e-Facilities Support Services," for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Headquarters, Washington, D.
Alion's NSWC PCD work includes technical engineering to increase unmanned and automated weapon systems capabilities for such tasks as the implementation of unmanned systems payloads on "commercial off the shelf" or existing non-developmental unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs) with limited modifications.
Located on the third largest naval installation in the world, NSWC Crane is a field activity of Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) that provides comprehensive support for complex military systems spanning development, deployment and sustainment in three mission areas: Electronic Warfare/Information Operations, Special Missions and Strategic Missions.
NSWC PCD and its industry partners developed COBRA Block I to determine the presence or absence of minefields and obstacles on the beach and further inland.
ESN, the state's clean technology initiative, has worked with a range of industry partners and academic institutions as well as NSWC Crane to establish the Battery Innovation Center (the 'BIC') to meet the research and development, rapid prototyping and contract manufacturing needs of industry, academic and military customers.
th] District Congressman Larry Bucshon, and NSWC Crane Commander Colonel Alan Pratt - will address visitors at a grand opening ceremony today at 11 a.