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inflammation of the urethra of unknown cause

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Day two shifted the spotlight onto the NSU itself, with further opportunities to connect with each other and understand the unit's kaupapa.
In pursuit of defining the NSU of tomorrow, in 2010 I collaborated with each of our constituent groups, including student leaders and community members (more than 5,000 individuals in total), to create a single, shared vision.
Protesters also criticized the Munich State High Court thesis, which claims the NSU only has three members.
The NSU Law Center Veterans Clinic will assist veterans with cases that will have the greatest impact on the stability and success of its clients, such as landlord-tenant cases, consumer matters, domestic relations, and state/federal misdemeanors, among others.
We are grateful to offer BPCC students the opportunity to take classes with us either here, at the NSU campus or in one of the various online programs," said Randall Webb, NSU president.
Sporadic clashes ensued at various places today after the NSU intensified their strike.
There may be an innocent reason why he has NSU but talk to your boyfriend and try to get the full picture.
And Chirac is as anxious to ensure that the accession countries do not import pro-American attitudes into the NSU as de Gaulle was forty years ago to keep Britain, suspected of being a Trojan Horse for the United States, out.
IN 1965 the centre of attraction on the NSU stand at the Earls Court Motor Show was the 1,100cc Type 110 which put the German manufacturer into the medium car market.
MANAGEABLE DEBT BURDEN: Robust revenue generation and positive operating margin enable NSU to consistently service debt carrying charges from operations versus unencumbered reserves.
Haggland, who is outgoing chair of Te Runanga Tauira (TRT), which represents Maori nursing students on the NSU, also outlined several proposed changes to NZNO's student structures which NSU and TRT representatives thought would better reflect a bicultural partnership.
Endax used a rating scale questionnaire titled "Clarification of NSU Murders" in which 722 respondents answered questions by providing their opinion on a numerical scale of 1 to 6 (1 being very strong and 6 being very weak).
More than 25 NSU faculty, staff, and students volunteer in the GAL program, which is a partnership of community advocates and professional staff providing a powerful voice on behalf of Florida's abused and neglected children.