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an independent federal agency created in 1974 to license and regulate nuclear power plants

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The NRC staff found that the facility complied with all the relevant safety and environmental justice standards.
And Diablo Canyon is just one of nearly a dozen sites where grassroots interveners have rabble-roused the NRC and utilities into fixing defective plants or mothbailing clunkers.
The open letter to NRC members read, in part, "By maintaining its independence, NRC over the years has set its agenda based on the research needs of the total daily newspaper, reacting quickly to research needs in advertising, news, circulation, and management .
SCE recently submitted a letter to the NRC describing a series of actions it is taking regarding steam generator issues at SONGS.
Kostohryz stated that the Council is working with the Jordanian Ministry of Education through its education programme, where NRC launched a new project in 2015 aiming to increase the capacity of selected public schools in high refugee influx areas in northern Jordan by building and furnishing additional classrooms in addition to constructing water and sanitation facilities.
The NRC is a perfect example as it has strict standards and requirements that its systems must support in order to carry out its vital regulatory oversight mission, said George Newstrom, vice president, Dell Services Federal Group.
Other changes include allowing petitioners to consult directly with NRC staff both before and after filing a petition, clarifying and expanding the criteria for determining whether a petition is complete and sufficient for docketing, and providing explicit criteria the NRC would use in considering a petition.
The NRC risk assessment included a total 10-fold uncertainty factor (NRC 2005).
NRC-IFCI is a perfect example of how a research institute can support and anchor a growing technology cluster," said NRC acting president Michael Raymont.
The CPFC will build on NRC's Institute for Microstructural Sciences (IMS) located on the Montreal Road campus in Ottawa to take advantage of the extensive expertise and facilities within NRC and the strategic partnership with Carleton University.
This is called the "linear no-threshold theory," and it has been adopted by the NRC and other U.
The absence of their conclusions is quite evident, NRC committee members assert.
Other NRC officers for the coming year include: *Senior Vice Chairmen: Edwin N.
An accident or event is considered an abnormal occurrence if it involves "a major reduction in the degree of protection of public health and safety," the NRC reports.