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a fullerene molecule having a cylindrical or toroidal shape

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Despite three Court of Appeal judges at Leeds County Court ruling in favour of NRAM, Tommy says he has not given up hope.
Three companies are aiming to develop a product using NRAM non-volatile RAM that achieves several 1000 times faster rewrites and many thousands of times more rewrite cycles than embedded flash memory, making it potentially capable of replacing DRAM with non-volatile memory.
NRAM, which is part of UK Asset Resolution,(UKAR) brought the case against itself to test whether customers are owed compensation because its agreements were documented as though they were regulated by the 1974 Act.
NRAM, managed by UK Asset Resolution, carries impaired loans and mortgages and is to be wound down in the long run.
The Government split Northern Rock in two last year, forming a mortgage and savings bank called Northern Rock Plc and Northern Rock Asset Management (NRAM) to house the more toxic loans.
A nondeterministic random access machine (NRAM) model is based on the standard deterministic random access machine (RAM) model.
The cash will go to about 4,500 staff in branches and call centres including 1,250 who transferred to Northern Rock Asset Management (NRAM), the so-called "bad bank", when the group was split in two last year.
NRAM holds most of the bank's old mortgages and unsecured loans.
Actualmente la empresa Nantero esta construyendo un chip de memoria RAM no volatil basado en CNTs que ha llamado NRAM. Con este nuevo chip, la empresa espera reemplazar a las memorias DRAM, SRAM, memorias flash y discos duros de almacenamiento (Nantero, 2009).
Nantero, Woburn, Mass., speeds up electronics performance through its NRAM product, a carbon nanotube-based memory device that is nano-electromechanical.
NRAM: Non-volatile memory, used by modems to store info only accessed at power-up.
Ian Hares, chief executive of UKAR, said: "The final payment followed the completion of the sale of the two NRAM [formerly Northern Rock] portfolios."