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a powerful lobby that advocates the right to own and bear arms and rejects any gun regulation by the government

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Yet later, after meeting with Trump, NRA leaders declared the president and his administration "don't want gun control.
Neither Apple nor the NRA has commented on the decision to remove the game from the App Store.
Members of the NRA have access to special offers from partner companies on its website, ranging from life insurance to wine clubs.
If like me, you are angry with something NRA or its executives have done, withholding funds that you might have contributed is very reasonable, and can make a difference.
7-11, a solid majority of Americans (58%) say they have an overall favorable impression of the NRA.
Said James Debney, Smith & Wesson President and CEO, "Through its various programs, pro-gun reform legislation and grassroots efforts, the existence of the NRA is crucial to the preservation of the shooting sports and to the entire firearms industry.
Collection of non-tax revenues, among which penalties by other state bodies collected by the NRA, reached BGN 376 M, up by BGN 51 M from the 2013 target.
Overall, the NRA spent just north of $25 million on last year's election: $7 million supporting Republican candidates, and $18 million attacking Democrats.
Indeed, since the Connecticut shootings, the NRA has been taunted and criticized at length, vitriol that may have prompted the shuttering of its Facebook page just a day after the association boasted about reaching 1.
He argued the issue for the court to determine was the proper construction of the relevant laws and the NRA wanted the matter heard urgently.
This "carved out" NRA exception did not sit well with other gun-rights groups that would have to comply with the draconian regulations.
MANASSAS, VA June 16) A firestorm was ignited this week when it was announced that House Democrats had carved out an exemption for the National Rifle Association in proposed new federal campaign law legislation and that NRA was no longer going to oppose the bill.
However, the National Revenue Agency (NRA) discovered that more than 90 per cent of them have failed to do so, NRA head Krassimir Stefanov said on February 21.
Its about time to recognize and admit we gun enthusiasts have been totally ripped off by the NRA and gun manufacturers.
We here at NRA HQ deeply appreciate your bold stand on behalf of the National Rifle Association of America.