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a common nonmetallic element that is normally a colorless odorless tasteless inert diatomic gas

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Abubakar Olusola Saraki(Ilorin/Asa) of the NPN nominated Joseph Wayas for the Senate Presidency and was seconded by Alhaji Ibrahim Jalo Waziri (Bauchi East) of the NPN.
Co-occurrence of carbohydrate hydrolysis and NPN release in rumen improved calves ADG, resulting in efficient utilization of available N.
Metrics Commensurate with Ratings: Fitch estimates average PMICR over the price control at 2.2x for NPG, 2.2x for NPN and 1.8x for NPY, compared with negative rating sensitivities of 1.6x for NPG and 1.9x for the opcos.
Following closing, NPN's acquisition opens up the opportunity for greater partnership with The Everett Clinic, a part of DaVita Medical Group, potentially expanding choices for both patients and providers. managers' comments about missing NPN numbers may reflect a slight increase in the managers' willingness to talk about producer compensation.
In [15], a brute-force method has been used to find NPN equivalence among logic functions.
If an exchange plan issuer thinks dropped NPN information for a producer who meets registration requirements, the issuer can pay the commissions associated with the missing NPNs, officials said.
To avoid this faster release of ammonia and optimizing the nitrogen availability, various methods for the use of NPN products as in form of multi nutritional blocks and in the form of urea compound as optigen are in practice.
As the portion of NPN in milk has no peptide bond in its structure, these analyzers, in theory, would perform better if true protein content was used for the equipment calibration (BARBANO & LYNCH, 2006).
NPN is often used in the production of animal feed, but at high levels can cause depression in growth and ammonia toxicity.
The unit is an NPN transistor manufactured using a new low-voltage planar technology.
EcoGreenHotel, a US-based company offering sustainable solutions to the hospitality industry, has been selected as an accredited sustainability associate to the National Purchasing Network (NPN), a hotel purchasing consortium.
NPN (not to be confused with the National New Play Network, or NNPN, featured in the inaugural Jan.
Tombush manages Pegasus Schools, funded by Mobil Producing Nigeria (NPN), the operator of the MPN/NNPC Joint Venture in Akwa Ibom, for staff children and some members of its host communities as part of its social responsibilities.