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an agency that serves as the focal point for all Intelligence Community activities related to nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction and their missile delivery systems

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While noting that the protests were in support of the industrial action of the NPC staff which started last week at the Commission's headquarters in Abuja, the chairman appealed to the Federal Government to listen to their pleas and effect the DG's removal.
It explained that based on the records of the case, the GSIS failed to provide evidence showing that the mural was received by the NPC in trust or on commission, or for administration, or under the obligation to return the same to GSIS.
Yap, who sits in the NPC executive committee, said the party would 'not stop any candidate for any elective position, as a matter of principle.
The restaurants will be owned and operated by NPC's wholly-owned subsidiary, NPC Quality Burgers, Inc.
In this regard, EBV infection may present a general risk for the development of various diseases, including NPC.
To meet the market demand for high pressure gas line pipes, NPC started to produce longitudinal seam SAW pipe by constructing the second pipe plant with rated production capacity of 180,000 metric tonnes.
Binay for months now has been pining for the support of the NPC, the country's second largest party next only to the ruling Liberal Party (LP).
In some cases, RGB images were used for NPC measurements to insure full longitude coverage.
Through the combination of two synthetic peptides representing the immunodominant epitopes of EBNA1 and the viral capsid antigen VCA-p18, only a one-stop ELISA is needed for the specific detection of EBV-reactive IgA antibody in NPC patients.
Assuming the private equity firm would finance 70% of the purchase price with debt, NPC leverage would rise to 6.
NPC said that condensates, propane and butane had the lion's share of the value of petrochemical exports in fiscal 2006/07.
NPC selected Intercept's OnlineDesktop Solution, which will incorporate business applications software, hosting in Intercept's secure data centres and the provision of technical support to all NPC staff.
Tokyo, Japan, Feb 16, 2007 - (JCN) - Seiko NPC Corporation (Seiko NPC) announced that they had succeeded in making two prototypes [the 64 element (8x8) and 256 (16x16)] of a thermopile multi-element infrared sensor with an advanced built in amplifier.
is on the NPC membership committee, which might explain the Club's reaching out to newsletter professionals.
The NPC will contract with SPI to provide professional management services for the NPC's plastics museum and educational programs while maintaining the independence of NPC and the autonomy of its board.