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a terrorist organization that is the militant wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines

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'Curiously enough, that of the Federal Ministry of Transportation (the supervising ministry) directing the NPA to comply and pay us our due gratuity/benefits in full and also enrol us into the agency's monthly pension schemes, because the less than three years contributed to the new pension schemes by our members cannot adequately cover our life pensions, was not adhered to,' the group's Chairman lamented.
She challenged the government to show evidence linking them to NPA: 'These are very dangerous statements, dangerous mindset.
'This is a big blow to the NPA's Guerilla front Sendong as well as the Western Mindanao Regional Party Committee and we expect that they will be disorganized and disgruntled,' said Nicolas, whose brigade has operational jurisdiction over Misamis Occidental.
Illana commended the soldiers for helping convince the NPA members and supporters into surrendering.
In his judicial affidavit, a witness stated that the equipment burned and destroyed by the NPA was never used by the military against the NPA.
The CEO of NPA said the licensing framework for the regulation of bitumen imported into the country had been developed and was currently being reviewed.
As such, Lacson urged the Executive department, through the DOJ, to 'follow up with the Judiciary the case that they filed calling for the proscription of the NPA as a terrorist group, which is provided under Section 2 of the Human Security Act of 2007.'
A doctor of Nishtar hospital on the condition of anonymity said that some of the doctors had already applied to MS of Nishtar hospital for deduction of NPA from their salaries.
Lorenzana noted that the Philippine military will only target the NPA, the armed unit of the CPP that's responsible for communist insurgency in the country.
As part of this collaboration, UL's auditors will be trained in NPA's GMP standard, as they will administer the certification program, the audit function and the final decision on whether a product meets the standard to achieve compliance.
Osnan was with a group of political supporters in the village of Campawan when a long-time acquaintance, who turned out to be a member of the NPA, invited him for a dialogue.
Watkins Naturals line have received the "Natural Seal" from the Natural Products Association (NPA).
Fabless semiconductor company EZchip Semiconductor Ltd (Nasdaq:EZCH) announced on Wednesday it is sampling to customers the NPA, its new family of network processors targeting Ethernet access applications.
I'm a member of the NSWNA and a member of The National Parks Association (NPA).