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a star that ejects some of its material in the form of a cloud and become more luminous in the process

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The Nova Scotia Moores investigated, and found she had got to Havana and discharged her cargo and took on another and left for home; and that was all they ever found out about her.
Brazil's bossa nova jazz movement began in the 1950s and became popular in the United States after an entourage of Brazilian musicians performed it at Carnegie Hall in 1962.
Dominique Labrunye, Director of Process and Equipment Engineering at STMicroelectronics, Crolles, said, "The exceptional performance of the Applied Mirra Mesa system with Nova integrated metrology has shown capability to increase the productivity of our dual damascene copper CMP process.
Kepler was accused of sloth by one of Tycho's heirs, Franz Gansneb Tengnagel van Kamp, and the state of Kepler's research allowed him to quickly produce the Astronomia nova and the Astronomia pars Optica as a response (two of the most important scientific works of the seventeenth century).
RRFB Nova Scotia's Board of Directors has agreed that the fee increase to $.
Nova has commercialized new ultra-low-pentane technology that helps EPS molders meet environmental regulations on VOCs.
the new nova--a Milky Way outburst dubbed Nova Cygni 1992--has lasted longer than many such flare-ups, which typically fade from view in a few days.
Rail service is essential to the Canadian economy and the strike is beginning to impact our customers and our business," said Chris Pappas, Chief Operating Officer of NOVA Chemicals.
Their main contention and they key to their theory is that Nova Cygni 1975 happened in an AM Herculis system, a binary star in which a cool normal star and a highly magnetized white dwarf star are bound together by gravity.
In addition to approving the merger, the Terra Nova stockholders also approved the 2006 Long-Term Incentive Plan Proposal and certain amendments to Terra Nova's certificate of incorporation, including the change of name.
point out in the July 1 ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL that the first to note the 1670 nova was apparently the Carthusian monk Pere Dom Anthelme of Dijon, France.
Lipton, President and CEO of NOVA Chemicals said, "The NOVA Chemicals management team and I would like to thank Ted for his tremendous support and counsel during the start-up and operation of our company in a highly volatile marketplace.
In 2006, NOVA had total restructuring charges of $985 million of which only $78 million were cash charges.
A public stockholder who owned shares as of the Record Date who votes against the merger may demand that Terra Nova convert the stockholder's ("Converting Stockholder") shares into cash for the stockholder's pro rata share of the trust account.
Nova Development will augment Avanquest's North American software publishing operations to strengthen Avanquest's product portfolio and position the company as a leader in the U.