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Karl, director of NOAA's National Climatic Data Center, will serve as transitional director of the NOAA Climate Service.
We have a terrific team and are looking forward to partnering with NOAA to provide leading edge technologies that will enhance teamwork and significantly improve agency-wide communication and collaboration," said Dr.
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Eventually, NOAA will return to its original conclusion that Newport is the best place for the 175 people assigned to its operations center.
NOAA has hired a consultant to conduct a site selection study and is expected to have a list of possibilities by January.
The selection means that NOAA will continue funding the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES), which was established at the University of Colorado in 1967, for at least five and up to 10 more years.
Jane Lubchenco, undersecretary of commerce for oceans and atmosphere and NOAA administrator.
NOAA has signed a lease with the port, the port has hired a contractor to build the facility, and the contractor is well under way on site preparation work.
GAO was asked to provide information on (1) NOAA's methodology for awarding CZMA grants to the states, (2) the extent to which NOAA has processes for ensuring that grants are used in a manner that is consistent with the CZMA, and (3) the extent to which NOAA's state program evaluations and performance measurement system enable the agency to assess the effectiveness of the National Coastal Zone Management Program.
In the midst of all the quarrelling over various aspects of the waterfront redevelopment project, the one thing most people seem to agree on is NOAA.
According to NOAA officials, future warnings could be enhanced by the creation of an Indian Ocean tsunami warning center that would deploy coastal tide gauges to measure the amplitude of waves near tsunami source areas such as fault zones and volcanoes, and would establish a communications infrastructure to send and receive alerts.
Under terms of the deal, RGII will perform hardware maintenance on computers and electronic equipment controlling NOAA satellites and satellite launches.
The service, a part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), provides on NOAA Weather Radio general forecasts, severe weather warnings or watches, and hazard warnings for lakes and other bodies of water.
According to Robert Bunge, weather service Internet dissemination officer for NOAA, "Our mission is to ensure that important weather-related information that can save life and property during a major weather event, such as a hurricane or winter storm, be available regardless of the conditions outside.
This initiative will help NOAA develop a viable solution for managing universal identities and access to federal facilities and systems.