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the compass point that is midway between north and northwest

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We therefore hypothesized that self-perceived oral symptoms and clinical periodontal inflammatory parameters are worse in habitual naswar dippers (NW) as compared to patients not consuming naswar (NNW) as controls.
The President will also deliver a NNW message recorded on YouTube, watch for the link in NANB's e-bulletin--The Virtual Flame--and on the NANB website.
In particular, in cases like model 1 with straight placement, wind speed increased by 30~70% as much in the paths placed in the rear part of the complexes as in the paths which winds directly hit against the diagonal directions (NNW, SSW, SSE, and NNE).
The "Net National Welfare Index" (NNW) (1974) originates from a thorough modification of the GNP concept.
As we celebrate NNW, beginning with Nationals Nurses Day on May 6 and concluding with International Nurses Day on May 12, I hope you take time to reflect on how rewarding a nursing career can be, and to share your passion for nursing with others.
Virginia's Newport News Waterworks (NNW) supplies drinking water to 350,000 people on the lower Virginia Peninsula.
Highway 83 bridge over the Salt Fork of the Brazos River, 12.6 mi NNW of Aspermont.
In addition, a digital readout tells you in which direction you're pointing the watch at any given moment (NNW, for example).
In the northeastern Red Sea Hills NNW of Port Sudan, rehabilitation of the old Gebeit mine has been undertaken as part of a joint venture between Minex Minerals (Sudan) (49%), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greenwich Resources plc, and SMC (51%).
The majority of mineralisation is hosted by NNW striking and steeply ENE dipping shears that are concentrated on the east and west sides of the Brilliant Komatiitic basalt and Greenmount high magnesium basalt.
The ISS appeared 12[degrees] above NNW and disappeared 10[degrees] above NNE.
CONGRATULATIONS TO our NNW poster competition grand prize winners Jacqueline Valcourt, RN (Edmundston) and Anne Pelletier, nursing student (St.-Basile).
A tall pillar was seen at the NNW. A major curtain prominence was seen on the NE limb on Oct 17 and a group of large pillar prominences at the SSE limb.