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the compass point that is midway between north and northwest

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The President will also deliver a NNW message recorded on YouTube, watch for the link in NANB's e-bulletin--The Virtual Flame--and on the NANB website.
The NNW is composed of nine aggregates, partly revisions of well-known categories (like private and public consumption), and partly new supplements (like environmental damages and losses from urbanisation).
Clasificacion Metodo CKMEANS k-medias ESLP Algoritmo dominante GWT Seleccion de umbrales /Prototipos de circulacion HBGWL/HBGWT Subjetiva KH Algoritmo dominante LITADVE Seleccion de umbrales LITC Seleccion de umbrales LUND Algoritmo dominante LWT2 Seleccion de umbrales/Catalogo Lamb objetivado NNW Redes neuronales artificiales OGWL Subjetiva OGWLSLP Subjetiva P27 Subdivision segun los "scores" del ACP en modo S PCACA k-medias PCAXTR "Scores" extremos del ACPen modo S sin iteraciones PCAXTRKM "Scores" extremos del ACP en modo S con iteraciones PERRET Subjetiva PETISCO k-medias SANDRA "Simulated Annealing" SANDRAS "Simulated Annealing" con secuencias de 3 dias TPCA ACP en modo T WLK Seleccion de umbrales Tabla 2.
4 mi NNW of Aspermont; one specimen (MWSU 19872) 6 mi SSW of Aspermont; and four specimens (MWSU 19106, 19017, 19314 & 19315) 2 mi W of Aspermont.
The following day a small patch of AR plage was seen near the W limb and an area of plage two-thirds of the way from the disk centre to the NNW limb.
The company president and chief executive officer, Thomas L Robyn, said, 'We believe that we are drilling the upper portion of a major gold zone on the Cinderella block that it is plunging steeply to the NNW, and the mineralisation in this hole supports this concept.
During NNW, we honor the significant contributions of nurses past and present, and look ahead to the challenges facing our profession in the future.
1] is medium to steeply dipping to NNW or NW in this case.
NNW Van Horn, were adult males with scrotal testes.
The remaining Phase 1 drill holes will be targeted within the southern portion of the Silver Lynx conductive area, which consists of a 6 kms NNW trending zone comprised of up to 13 conductive bodies inferred from the results of Anglo's Aerotem III and VTEM airborne surveys completed earlier this year.
Contract award notice: The subject of the order is purchase of OC insurance; AC vehicles and their accessories in traffic and staging (also from theft) without their own and franchise of both quotas, percentages and kilometers, with depreciated amortization, NNW (drivers and passengers) and Assistance, for 548 company vehicles operated by the Restructuring Agency And Modernization of Agriculture including 538 cars and 10 car trailers.
The deposits are located approximately 120km NNW of Laverton, W.
The Board approved a competition encouraging all members to describe what this year's NNW theme means to them.
The northern, shelfal sands display paleoflow to W and NW and appear to be sourced from the thermally uplifting Indian shield to the east, while the deepwater sands in the southern system were emplaced by N and NNW directed gravity flows but were derived from an easterly source that included volcanics.
8 miles to the EXCO Facility on the Left From Alexandria, LA: Take I-49 NNW for approximately 85 miles to EXIT 186 Turn South onto HWY 175 Traveling South on HWY 175, go 2.