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the compass point that is midway between north and northeast

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NNE is experienced in underground and aerial fiber optic, microwave and cellular construction including, but not limited to, horizontal directional boring, excavation, land development, tower, electrical and IT work.
Results: Different phyto-constituents like glycosides, flavonoids, tannins, steroids, alkaloids and saponins were found to be present in GTNE and NNE, while anthraquinones were not detected.
Voice evaluations included measurements of eight voice parameters: basal voice frequency (F0), jitter, shimmer, breathiness, harshness, hoarseness, normalized noise energy (NNE), and S/Z ratio.
Of particular interest is to clearly define the NNE trending structures in the search for new targets similar to Martin's Shaft, Gracie and Wilson's Creek.
The 4.9 magnitude earthquake, at a depth of 523 km, recorded 1305 kilometers NNE of Auckland, New Zealand in the south of Fiji Islands on May 21, 2011 at 06:31:52 PM, local time, according to the U.S.
A cost analysis must also include a discussion of the number of lesions needed to excise (NNE), or biopsy to diagnose one melanoma.
A cost analysis must also include a discussion of the number of lesions needed to excise, or biopsy, (NNE) to diagnose one melanoma.
Sally A - Murd Doorste (9.00pm Police inve search for teenage m Bowman, to death a suburban n d e m e rm nne Bowman der on the ep: Real Crime m) estigators recall the r the murderer of model Sally Anne who was stabbed and raped in a quiet street in 2005..
Sally An - Murde Doorste (9.00pm Police inves search for t teenage mo Bowman, w to death an suburban s nne Bowman er on the p: Real Crime m) stigators recall the the murderer of odel Sally Anne who was stabbed nd raped in a quiet street in 2005..
In Maine today, this ratio has shifted dramatically--to a 17 percent recidivism rate for participants in the innovative Transition, Reunification and Re-entry program created for female offenders by Volunteers of America Northern New England (NNE), in conjunction with the Maine Department of Corrections.
and dozens of New Hampshire volunteers, with support from the Department of Homeland Security's Northern New England Metropolitan Medical Response System (NNE MMRS), staged a 1-day medical emergency simulation on Nov.
NNE, an international life science engineering and consultancy company, today announced an agreement with the Fresenius ProServe healthcare group to acquire its subsidiary, Pharmaplan GmbH, a Germany-based engineering company.
"I find that people are looking for something deeper," says Nne Nne Jean Ibeawuchi, owner of Soul Planet Travel, a company that customizes trips for African-Americans to Paris, Brazil, Nigeria, Ghana and Morocco, and U.S.
MARGARET THOMAS 0121 682 0682 A NNE and Sam Armstrong lived at 191 Inkerman Street, Vauxhall, Birmingham 7, in and around 1955.
"To meet the tight time schedule the project team constructed process modules in parallel at offsite locations, where commissioning and qualification of each system could be conducted without the usual dependencies on adjacent upstream and downstream equipment", says Klaus Illum, Engineering Director at the lire science engineering firm, NNE.