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an independent agency of the United States government charged with mediating disputes between management and labor unions

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Miscimarras tenure at the NLRB, the board issued numerous significant decisions on such issues as the joint employer doctrine, work rules, union organizing, and the employment status of university graduate students.
To decide its jurisdictional reach, the NLRB applies a test from NLRB v.
The NLRB noted that it does not have jurisdiction over public colleges and universities, which make up 108 of the 125 FBS teams.
The NLRB has provided details on the rule on its website and the NLRB's General Counsel has issued guidance on implementation of the rule at http:// www.
In April 2014, and "loathe to create a circuit split," the Fifth Circuit denied enforcement of the board's remedial order finding that the NLRB failed to give proper weight to the FAA which, according to the Fifth Circuit, has equal importance to the precedent relied upon by the board.
I think these rules are as close to an apocalypse as the NLRB has come in a number of years," said Harold Coxson, a lawyer with over 35 years' experience in all aspects of labor law with Washington, D.
NLRB AGO Purcell directed Board field staff to be alert for such referrals, and to record the number of OSHA-referred charging parties.
21) By qualifying disparaging comments as protected concerted activity within the meaning of section 7, the NLRB disregarded employers' interests and stripped them of legal recourse for situations in which their employees publically mistreat or abuse them on Facebook, or through other readily available social-media platforms.
The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1837 filed charges with the NLRB, alleging coercive actions and statements toward employees in an attempt to frighten them out of voting on whether to form a union.
25, 2011, NLRB issued a 45 page final rule requiring all but the smallest employers to hang posters notifying employees of their right to unionize.
An NLRB spokesperson said he thought that it would, but could not provide an authoritative answer.
Now the NLRB, composed of three Democrats and one Republican, has filed a pro-union lawsuit against Boeing and proposed a major rule change which would accomplish some of what the EFCA sought to do.
The NLRB has a history of pro-union bias, and this case is another example.
Now in its eighth edition, this massive and comprehensive legal reference for taking cases to the National Labor Relations Board has been expanded to include vital new information on the voluntary recognition of labor unions, administrative changes for conducting NLRB elections, current electronic filing procedures and revised definitions of such concepts as supervisor and retaliatory.
The San Jose Mercury News reports that the National Labor Relations Board has determined the act did not violate federal law, citing a memo from a NLRB official.