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However, the superior performances of these NLM algorithms are achieved at the cost of higher computational complexity.
For the former, NLM requires the publication of an erratum notice so that the publication history is transparent for all users.
NLM uses a proprietary web-based software to provide transportation management services to customers and carriers.
Issue an executive order allowing "references to scientific articles" or suggested "search terms" at the NLM including "the name of a nutrient" and a "named disease" and to allow this to be part of the product label in a black box notice for any food or dietary supplement when accompanied with the website address of PubMed or NLM gateway, and an appropriate disclaimer such as: "The US Government advises consumers who access medical articles at PubMed or other NLM databases to take copies to a health-care practitioner for consultation and advice.
NLM realized early in the evolution of computers that these new machines had great potential to make publishing these extensive volumes efficient and then to enable distribution of the information to searchers, whether at the library, in another state, or in another country.
The NLM has sponsored site visits to each African journal by local technical experts.
Mary' Elizabeth: The NLM Gateway [the database that has most of the AIDS conferences] as currently designed does not give you a URL that you can use to link to the abstract.
The newest offering through the NLM Web site is PubMed Central, a program to display peer-reviewed new reports as well the archival reports now offered through PubMed.
Ackerman predicts that if these anatomical data prove useful, NLM Will develop other, similar resources.
When manuscripts are submitted to PMC through the NIHMS, a record must exist in the NLM integrated library system (ILS) for the corresponding journal for the manuscript to be added to PMC.
The NLM Grant for Scholarly Works in Biomedicine and Health is intended to help defray such expenses.
In 1999 NLM officially changed its mission statement to include health information for the public and quickly developed a conscientious response to the consumer health revolution triggered by the explosion of the Internet.
NLM says that it expects to continue converting citations from its older printed medical indexes to machine-readable form and to add these OLDMEDLINE citations to PubMed as time and resources permit.