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someone who objects to siting something in their own neighborhood but does not object to it being sited elsewhere

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However, Kallos rejects NIMBY moniker, saying he and his constituents welcome affordable housing in their neighborhood as long as it doesn't come at their own expense.
Nick Charlton, of FCS, said: "The above revised information and proposals take into account the comments and recommendations of the consultees and whilst we note that you (Kirklees Council) have had a considerable number of objections to this application we would note that none of the objections have any base from a planning policy or guideline point of view which we can respond to because they are substantially of a nimby nature.
In the NIMBY scenario, the definition of people's landscape is not exclusive to a person's immediate local area in terms of distance.
NIMBYs, as they are commonly referred as, are very likely to organize quickly to communicate their opposition to a local project in an effort to curb development.
Sylikiotis made a big mistake in giving in to the NIMBY protests of the Ormidhia residents and drafting new plans.
You have touched a market that normally when I walk into an agency and ask if you use this sort of marketing technique I almost always immediately hear, "This isn't my type of market." "I don't advertise to this area." "I don't want this type of business." "This type of clientele doesn't belong in my backyard." You NIMBY! There ...
One, Edinburgh is the European capital of NIMBY (not in my back yard) attitudes.
Dear (1992) defines NIMBYism as "the protectionist attitudes and exclusionary/ opposition tactics adopted by community groups facing an unwelcome development in their neighborhood." Responses to NIMBY movements require the attention of action researchers interested in social justice.
Every new tram system brings out the 'nimby' groups, and so it did here with the Tories drumming up opposition in Edgbaston and the Lib-Dems canvassing residents living along the Walsall Road.
We have thousands of courses and they're usually far from prying eyes and NIMBY protesters.
A HOME for families of injured war heroes faces the axe tonight after "nimby" protests from snooty neighbours.
Siegel also cites the sociological problem of communities opposing mental health facilities' being placed in their areas or permitting nursing home residents with mental illnesses to be allowed to go out unaccompanied--in other words, the NIMBY (not in my backyard) phenomenon.
Confronting the "not in my back yard" (NIMBY) attitude can become a full-time vocation for C&D recyclers, who are often made to feel unwelcome by nearby property owners who are newcomers to their traditional neighborhoods.
The risks and benefits are obvious to us, but we try to avoid the NIMBY [not in my backyard] syndrome."