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In addition, we will continue to work together to monitor and improve the peer-review process for NIEHS applications across all NIH study sections.
Perhaps there could be a stopgap period such as a year (or less if the researcher and the journal, if any, agreed), after which a summary of the results, provided by the researchers to the NIH as part of their grant report, would appear on PubMed if a published paper were not available.
After all, the $7 billion per year increase in the NIH budget endorsed by President Bush could pay the care costs of more than 2,000 nursing home residents per state.
Last year, the NIH distributed nearly $7 billion in 5,300 new and continuing research grants--an average of $1.
I am pleased and honored to join the NIH leadership team at this most important time," said Krensky.
The NIH currently supports a vast array of projects in autism research.
NIH Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases--National Resource Center
a contract to provide network engineering, software development, and user support services to help NIH increase system availability and efficiency of a network that supports 30,000 users across the United States.
The NIH recently approved funding for the SMART study, a long-term clinical endpoint study that will focus on the use of antiretroviral therapy in the treatment of HIV disease.
Federal laws governing its funding have seemingly prohibited NIH from supporting any research on human embryonic stem cells, last week, however, NIH walked a legal tightrope by ruling that it now can fund research involving such cells so long as it didn't support the actual creation of the cells.
NIH spends more than $70 million on pain research, which is conducted and supported by 15 institutes, centers, and offices.
Today's statement followed Sandoz Pharmaceuticals' June 16 transmittal of a letter to NIH from Timothy G.
Under this contract, Quality Associates will supply all imaging components, staff, and services required to deliver the scanning, PDF conversion and CD-ROM production required to provide electronic copies of tens of thousands of grant proposals for distribution to NIH grant review teams worldwide.