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the agency that administers the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard

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In this research, a decision tree model for the early prediction of neurogenic UUTD was established by analyzing cases of NGB retrospectively.
1001.5E, supra note 15; AFI 36-2254, supra note 15; ANGI 36-8001, supra note 15; COMDTINST 1230.1, supra note 15; NGB Title 32 Memo, supra note 15.
The NGB J2 had even drafted a concept of operations (CONOP) for integrating National Guard intelligence personnel into the SFCs.
NGB launched its Smart TV platform in Ghana in 2010, its first venture into Africa.
"Hornady is honored to partner with the NGB to help fund America's preeminent shooting team and increase awareness for the shooting sports, both nationally and internationally," said Steve Hornady, company president.
The establishment of a regional network is an important element to completing the NGB Network.
"NGB Distributing and Muldavi Corporation are great partners who will help us expand our footprint with our new Marley Organic Ground line as well as our Whole Bean and Single-Serve Pod offerings."
If the next-generation bomber (NGB) is to be more a member of a family of long-range strike systems, rather than its sole provider, then these relatively modest capabilities, already at a high level of technological readiness, may suffice.
Army Maneuver Support Center of Excellence (MSCoE), working with the National Guard Bureau (NGB), initiated a performance analysis process that led to an effective training and education program in support of the WMD-CST mission.
The solution can also support the high-bandwidth utilisation of the NGB network and is easy to manage and maintain.
Kicking off her keynote address themed Building the next generation of TV network, promote triple play, Wang Xiaojie, chief of the Science and Technology Bureau, SARFT (State Administration of Radio, Film and Television), outlined the mission and direction of China's triple-play development, while proposing specific goals and plans for the development of an NGB (next-generation broadband) network in China.
USA Shooting has been the national governing body (NGB) for Olympic Shooting in the U.S.
You will need a coaching qualification which is recognised by the national governing body (NGB) for your sport.