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the agency that administers the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard

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In this research, a decision tree model for the early prediction of neurogenic UUTD was established by analyzing cases of NGB retrospectively.
Colonel Keasling, former deputy director of the NGB J2 at a time when the National Guard was initially considering integrating Guard intelligence folks into the fusion centers, has a very clear perspective:
In partnership with the NGB, the ICDT established a formal process for reviewing each of the six functional areas of the CST--survey, command, operations, medical, communications, and administrative/logistics--and the common-core requirements.
Merecem atencao especial, na NGB, o caso de fonema, que e termo ja da ciencia linguistica e o caso de tritongo, emprestimo recente, analogicamente formado (ambos transliterados do grego).
De certo, nao se pode negar o merito da NGB em ter posto fim ao caos que se efetivava na epoca, ja que praticamente cada professor utilizava uma nomenclatura particular em suas aulas.
You can gain these qualifications directly through the NGBs or as part of a college or university course which includes coaching.
TRAINING Some NGBs require further training for instructors to achieve a children's instructor award before working with children.
This title presents the "Ancient Tantra Collection"--also called the NGB--without translation, as well as critical essays on the textual criticism of the NGB tradition, the features and summaries of the two texts, a special form of textual sharing between the two texts, quotations from the Myang 'das, and first steps in critically editing the Myang `das.
It is particularly important that NORTHCOM coordinate with the National Guard Bureau (NGB), because NGB has experience dealing with state and local authorities during incidents and functions as NORTHCOM's formal link to the states.
Also unique is that NGB systems work as an adjunct platform in parallel with an operator's existing (or future) systems with the benefit of not requiring complex and risky changes to the existing systems during implementation.
The NGB is responsible for conservation, utilization, and documentation of plant genetic resources in the Nordic region.
This document reports the findings of the Comptroller General's recent study of the Challenge Program, focusing specifically on: (1) the historical trends of the Challenge Program, including program expenditures, participation, and performance; (2) the extent to which Reserve Affairs and NGB have determined actual program costs and the consequent need to adjust the federal and state cost share; and (3) the extent to which NGB has provided oversight of the program.
A provisional reorganization of the NGB staff on July 1, 2003 was initiated to facilitate coordination with the Joint Staff and the staffs of the various combatant commanders.
6 per cent between 1996 and 1999 because of the introduction of the NGB supplement.