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the compass point that is one point east of northeast

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I look forward to supporting the local businesses in any way I can, working with them to ensure their future success," Nebe said.
Nebe, who has over 27 years of commercial and agricultural lending experience, has previously been managing director of credit risk for Charles Schwab Bank in Reno, Nevada.
Residents of Nebe and of Maumere, 152 kilometers (94 miles) from the epicenter, reported no damage and said they felt no shaking.
Ju ribose atsidure periferiniais rajonais "apaugintos" pramonines teritorijos, kurios jau zymejo nebe miesto galybe, o virto jo stigmomis (Herzog 2006).
After his assassination in 1942, he was succeeded by Arthur Nebe, a senior SS officer who played a major role in the extermination of both Jews and Gypsies.
Jei viesoji erdve buvo atsiradusi nugriauto statinio vietoje, kartais archeologinis paveldas tampa nebe viesosios erdves, o pastato, atstatyto buvusio vietoje, dalimi ir tampa bent is dalies eksponuojamas interjere.
Gendov followed up two years later with Lyubovta e ludost (Love is madness) and in 1922, his Pod Staroto Nebe (Under an old sky), the country's first full-length feature, premiered at the Modern Theatre, Bulgaria's first cinema, the eponymous successor to which in the 21st century is doing duty again as a theatre (one in serious need of sponsorship, times being what they are).
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Twelve hours earlier a posse of media had waited patiently outside a single storey building the size of a school classroom - the place where the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) was to make its pronouncement on provisional results.