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Synonyms for liberate

Synonyms for liberate

Synonyms for liberate

give equal rights to


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release (gas or energy) as a result of a chemical reaction or physical decomposition

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The interactions of the funded groups will be overseen by a Steering Committee made up of two investigators, the PI and one additional investigator, from each funded project and appropriate NCI staff members.
MD, is Acting Director of the Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis at NCI.
According to NCI officials, Bristol-Myers Squibb's main asset is its marketing expertise; it already sells more cancer drugs in the United States than any other firm.
NCI TV Navigator, NCI Connect, and NCI are trademarks of Network Computer, Inc.
So far, NCI has audited roughly half of the patient charts that contributed to the study, known as B-06, comparing lumpectomy to mastectomy.
NCI's TV Navigator(TM) technology and NCI Connect DTV Suite (TM) software will enable PCC to bring new and potentially exciting services to information appliances.
NCI officials also believe that NSABP was remiss in its oversight of the multi-million-dollar project.
We are thrilled to be joining the NCI team and believe there is a strong cultural fit between the two companies," said Thomas Hopkins, OTS's founder and president.
The interests of the NCI focus on imaging in vivo for cancer preconditions, cancer screening, diagnosis, progression, treatment monitoring, recurrence, and surrogate end points.
At the hearing, Nancy Evans, a San Francisco-based medical writer, described neurological side effects she suffered while taking tamoxifen last year -- problems she says are not well spelled out in the revised model informed-consent statement prepared by NCI.
These factors include but are not limited to: the failure of the Government to allot funds to NCI to complete performance of the task order; the risk of task order performance; government contract procurement (such as bid protest) and termination risks; competitive factors such as pricing pressures and/or competition to hire and retain employees; and material changes in laws or regulations applicable to the company's businesses.
The NCI is strongly committed to reducing cancer-related health disparities across the cancer control continuum from prevention to end-of-life.
Rosenberg, Chief of the NCI Surgery Branch and a recognized leader in cancer research, will serve as the NCI's principal investigator for the CRADA.