Global Positioning System

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a navigational system involving satellites and computers that can determine the latitude and longitude of a receiver on Earth by computing the time difference for signals from different satellites to reach the receiver


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One advantage of the WAAS is that the signal is compatible with the NAVSTAR GPS signal structure.
Civilian use of NAVSTAR GPS has grown significantly in the decade since it became operational.
When the Navstar GPS system is completed in the early 1990s, 24 GPS satellites will be distributed in 12-hour orbits such that a receiver anywhere on earth can determine its location within 300 feet by simultaneously analyzing the arrival time of signals from four satellites.
NAVSTAR GPS (Global Positioning System) User Equipment--Program costs increased $718.4 million ( + 52.2 percent) from $1,375.3 million to $2,093.7 million due to an increase to allow for continuation of a multi-vendor strategy through delivery of prototype cards and to facilitate transitioning the prototype program into a full development/production program focusing on integration of military code (M-Code)-capable receivers into Service-nominated lead platforms.
The company has delivered eight more of these satellites to the Navstar GPS Joint Program Office, Space and Missile System Center, to sustain the GPS constellation.
Returning to SA, the NAVSTAR GPS Joint Program Office (JPO) is investigating a follow-on to the PLGR, known as the Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR).
The US Navy and US Air Force then each embarked on new navigation satellite programmes known as Timation and 621B respectively; in 1973 these were combined into a single programme known as Navstar GPS.
NAVSTAR GPS (Global Positioning System) -- The SAR was submitted to report schedule slips of six months or more.
GB-GRAM is a NAVSTAR GPS JPO/Product Manager GPS initiative to migrate toward open system architecture for ground-based embedded military applications mid will be used in communications and weapon platforms across the military over the next ten years.