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a United States association of real estate agents which follows a strict code of ethics

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Asuncion "Shonee" Henry, NAR regional coordinator for the Asia-Pacific and Gulf region, presented the global opportunities available for real estate professionals in countries where NAR maintains Bilateral Agreements with its cooperating associations.
NAR launched its Virtual Library eBooks Collection last April as a resource for Realtors[R] that allows them to use their PDAs, laptops and SmartPhones to access real estate information, sales techniques and personal growth tips.
However, the Court is expected to send the case back to the Appeals Court in Atlanta, where many believe the NAR will lose again.
To get access to an MLS a broker must join and pay dues to the NAR, its state association, and a local Realtor board.
NAR members will benefit from the significant investment Covad has made in its national network to address the growing demand for faster Internet service," said Bob Goldberg, NAR senior vice president of marketing and business development.
NAR contends that the results of these decisions do not serve consumers or businesses well and breach the separation of banking and commerce.
With the formation of the new group, it will be the first time Manhattan has had an NAR-affiliated organization since 1993, when the Real Estate Board of New York terminated its relationship with NAR.
Recent research conducted by NAR in Florida concluded that the lack of affordable or available homeowner's insurance in that state contributed to the slowdown in Florida real estate, impacting the overall economic activity in the region.
In addition, NAR members are provided instant, up-to-date information at www.
We are pleased that several senior members of the committee expressed concerns and that it appears they will undertake a thorough review before making any changes," said Stevens after learning that a number of prominent members of the committee voiced concerns similar to NAR during the hearing.
Stevens, president of NAR, told the Senate Subcommittee on Housing and Transportation and the Senate Subcommittee on Economic Policy.
Membership in NAR begins with a local Board, followed by the State Association.
To uphold the National Bank Act and ensure the maintenance of a level playing field among state-chartered corporations with respect to all permitted banking activities, NAR is asking the court to reverse the decision of the OCC.
But ill affected brokers and salespeople are still being considered Realtor members for the 1994 year by the NAR and New York State Association of Realtors (NYSAR), whether or not the actual dues were paid.
NAR is using its vast network of Realtors(R) and homeowners to help communicate the importance of preparedness - including having a family plan and having an emergency supply kit ready and on hand.