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In Sabah, only half of the patches Nais monitors are protected.
"I used to be very gloomy about saving Rafflesia," Nais says.
Barkman visited Nais in Borneo to collect Rafflesia tissue samples.
According to the NAIS' Mitchell, both schools and families are happy with this system because the same method of analysis is applied to everyone, so families feel they've been treated fairly and equitably.
The NAIS Website provides a list of companies offering payment plans that enable families to pay tuition in monthly installments.
The USDA is ignoring the illegality of the NAIS and is trying to convince states and agricultural groups that the NAIS is necessary, promoting it under three flagship tactics: disease, terrorism, and market competitiveness.
The spread of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), or "mad cow disease," is the most prominent mantra of the USDA when promoting the NAIS. The truth is that the NAIS is not necessary for the control of BSE.
The NIAA and USDA claim two principal benefits of the NAIS: first, enhancing export markets for U.S.
Indeed, the NAIS "traceback" system would be much less effective against BSE than a system of testing every slaughtered cow.
Bolton is referring to the ultimate goal of NAIS, which is to be able to track any head of livestock in the U.S.
Given the current lack of NAIS program standards and the resulting confusion and delay in buying decisions, the product and service companies mentioned in this article continue to focus on marketing the reasons for their existence, as much as the products and services they sell.
NAI can be a client's virtual real estate department.
Now NAI, through its NAI Direct, is challenging the competition in a new arena -- e-commerce.
NAI Global is the world's leading managed network of 5,000 professionals, 325 offices in 55 countries.
Bradfield attended breakout sessions that focused on the long-term goals and the near-term opportunities for NAI Southcoast, as well as the direction of the global economy.