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Up to level 10, you usually end up playing with n00bs at your level, but beyond that, level 10 onwards, you'll be put up against players anywhere from level 10 to level 50 (the highest level you can reach at the time of writing).
However, gaming - which often is a performance intensive activity both on the device and user level (you gotta bring your A game to kill enemies and pwn n00bs, don't you?) - needs monitors to have a few specialised skills to ensure they don't drop the ball when you're into the thick of things.
The original RX100 was missing this hot-shoe, and we couldn't figure out why Sony would make such a kick-ass camera (that impressed everyone from n00bs to pros) and leave out the damn hot-shoe port!
Keeping in mind that the target audience might be n00bs stuck in the middle of an ocean, CrossLoop sports an awfully simple and minimalistic interface.