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mostly parasitic in fishes and including various serious pathogens

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Histopathology of gills of Piaractus mesopotamicus (Holmberg, 1887) and Prochilodus lineatus (Valenciennes, 1836) infested by monogenean and myxosporea, caught in the Aquidauana River, State of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.
(Myxozoa: Myxosporea) parasito de olho de lambari, Astyanax scabripinnis (Jenyns, 1842) (Osteichthyes, Characidae).
Annual cycle of Henneguya doori (Myxosporea) parasitizing yellow perch (Perca flavescens).
New host and geographic distribution records for some endoparasites (Myxosporea, Trematoda, Cestoidea, Nematoda) of amphibians and reptiles from Arkansas and Texas, U.S.A.
In hatcheries, several infections, intoxications, and parasitosis (myxosporea) affect frogs kidneys; in the same sense, certain metabolic illnesses cause renal obstruction with NPN retention (Lima and Agostinho 1992).
Present knowledge on the life cycle, taxonomy, pathology and therapy of some myxosporea spp.
(Myxozoa, Myxosporea, Myxobolidae), a parasite of Pseudoplatystoma corruscans (Osteichthyes, Pimelodidae) from the Parana River, Brazil: a morphological and morphometric study.
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Redescription, seasonality and distribution of Myxobolus magellanicus (Myxosporea) in Galaxias maculatus (Osmeriformes, Galaxiidae) from Patagonian Andean lakes (Argentina).
(Myxosporea) causing disease in Australian endemic frogs found in the invasive Cane Toad.
Histology, ultraestructure and prevalence of Henneguya piaractus (Myxosporea) infecting the gills of Piaractus mesopotamicus (Characidae) cultivated in Brazil.