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The present report deals with 365 specimens representing 59 species of myxomycetes identified from field collections and moist chambers.
Mitchell's (1980) key to corticolous myxomycetes was utilized for identifications.
Microscopic examination of 365 specimens revealed 59 species of myxomycetes (Table 2).
Tree canopy myxomycetes of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park were studied in relation to their association with certain tree species and bark pH.
Although widely distributed, myxomycetes (true slime molds, acellular slime molds, or plasmodial slime molds) have not been fully studied throughout Ohio.
Although the collection and study of myxomycetes in Ohio has been ongoing since 1834 (Lea 1849), the distribution of these organisms is not well known (Keller and Braun 1999).
The list of myxomycetes from Athens County was compiled by consulting historical records provided in Keller and Braun (1999), Master's theses submitted to the Department of Environmental and Plant Biology of Ohio University (Jones 1943; Udall 1951), verified collections made for class projects assigned by the second author from 1976-2000, and current research projects of both authors.
Apparently the Myxomycetes are the only group of cryptogams with obligate tree canopy species.
Students at CMSU will focus on the myxomycetes (true slime molds) collected in situ from the canopy.
The tree canopy biodiversity research project has led undergraduates to pinpoint specific topics for furthe r investigation such as the faunistics and taxonomy of tardigrades, the diversity and distribution of myxomycetes on oaks and the association of myxomycetes with mosses.