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eellike cyclostome having a tongue with horny teeth in a round mouth surrounded by eight tentacles

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Unlike the body core musculature of other basal chordates and fishes, the body core musculature of myxinid fishes is comprised of three groups (Fig.
Given the extraordinary axial morphology and movements of hagfishes, the probable but unresolved functional link between fish integument and locomotion, and the overall paucity of data, the skins of myxinid fishes make a fascinating and convenient system for investigating morphological and mechanical characteristics associated with whole-body knotting movements.
So far, however, submarine investigations of hydrothermal vents have not captured any myxinids from these unique environments (Biscoito et al., 2002; Wolf, 2005; Desbruyeres et al., 2006), and only a single unconfirmed record exists in the literature (E.
During the French Biospeedo expedition (Jollivet et al., 2004) to the East Pacific Rise in 2004, at least seven specimens of myxinids were observed and filmed on the vent sites Grommit (21[degrees]33.664'S, 114[degrees]17.982'W, 2838 m), Oasis (17[degrees]25.38'S, 113[degrees]12.29'W, 2586 m), and Yaquina (07[degrees]29.96'S, 107[degrees]53.95'W, 2700 m), thus extending the range for East Pacific Rise myxinids 30[degrees] to the north of the holotype catch site.