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The lake had been overtaken by mysis shrimp that were threatening the natural salmon population.
"Mysis shrimp are full of beneficial omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, and we wanted to offer our sustainable product in a convenient form for the hobbyists who are feeding flake and pellet foods," said Nuri Fisher, president of Piscine Energetics.
Analysing the mysis shrimp story through the bio-fix lens adds to the proliferating histories of invasive species by focusing on the interplay of biological and technological solutions, and why these solutions can go wrong.
(17) In my conclusion, I examine how the fallout from mysid introductions shifted the impetus back to technology as a more compliant, if not cheap, solution to problems--including the problems caused by mysis shrimp.
In the summer of 1949, Peter Larkin went to Waterton Lake, Alberta, where he scooped through the cold, mountain lake water, filling metal cans with thousands of the small, translucent mysis shrimp. He packed the cans in ice and taxied them over the continental divide to Kootenay Lake, British Columbia, where he released the shrimp (Figure 1).
(37) The following year, Larkin carried out his experiment in transplanting mysis shrimp into Kootenay Lake from Waterton.
In the 1950s and 1960s, limnologists showed definitively how important mysis shrimp were for lake trout and whitefish.
Idaho was the first state to introduce mysis shrimp primarily to improve its kokanee fishery.
Others, such as mysis shrimp, are adept swimmers but also rely on a see-through shell as camouflage.