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type genus of the family Mysidae

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Les mysis representaient la proie dominante de quatre estomacs, tandis que les isopodes dominaient dans deux estomacs et les amphipodes dans un estomac, bien que ces taxons n'aient pas ete invariablement preleves dans le cadre de l'echantillonnage du plancton realise au cours des semaines precedant la recolte d'automne.
Indeed, recent studies have shown that pelagic invertebrates such as zooplankton and the opossum shrimp Mysis are also declining (Barbiero et al.
Other space returns in the second quarter included Mysis International's 45,000-s/f direct space at 525 North Broadway in the White Plains CBD; AOL Movie Phone's 30,000-sf sublet at 333 Westchester Avenue and Encore Credit's 21,000-sf sublease space at 925 Westchester Avenue, both located in White Plains Non-CBD.
Water exchanges in a 90% daily ratio were performed nine days after starting the trials, when shrimp larvae reached the mysis stage, since total ammonia ion increased to sublethal levels.
This deal has a substantial services component and will be implemented over the next three years, Mysis added.
Larkin's idea was that Mysis (also known as the "opossum shrimp," for its nocturnal habits) would be an ideal food source for the Gerrard rainbow trout.
The amphipod Pontoporeia affinis and the mysidshrimp Mysis relicta are present in the near-bottom layer, often in large numbers, both in northern Europe and in the subarctic areas of North America.
In culture, the prawns are stocked into ponds 15 to 25 days after the last mysis stage.
Anglers can fish Monster or Corral lakes (35 acres) for four-year-old rainbows (three to four pounds) and cutthroats (one to eight pounds); they use leech and Mysis shrimp imitations.
16) In Terence's Andria, for example, the stage is not empty four times, and at 235/6 it seems possible to see how Terence has bridged a Menandrian act-division by keeping Mysis on stage,(17) with the result that a drastic acceleration of dramatic time is required between 205 and 236 for Simo to go to the forum and meet Pamphilus and for Pamphilus to come from there.
Two species of Mysis are found in this part of the Baltic, M.
All lake trout lakes contain zooplankton, but many lakes lack intermediate trophic links: Mysis relicta (a freshwater shrimp), and the common and available prey fish of lake trout that we refer to as "pelagic forage fish" (smelt, cisco, whitefish, alewife, sculpins, nine-spine stickleback, and troutperch).
In an assessment of allozyme differentiation in a small endemic Mysis species assemblage in the Caspian Sea, this paper extends the molecular approach to the study of intralacustrine species flock evolution from vertebrates to invertebrates (mysidacean crustaceans), from the nearshore benthic to the deepwater pelagic environment, and geographically to another ancient basin, illustrating both parallels and contrasts to the fish flock data.
610-35; Pamphilus, who is overheard by Mysis, in Andr.