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The chemical composition observed in the present study was similar to the chemical composition already described in the literature for other species belonging to the same genus and Myrtaceae family (Scur et al., 2016).
Euphorbiaceae, Myrtaceae y Polygonaceae ocuparon respectivamente el segundo, tercer y cuarto lugar (Fig.
Three taxa were identified to family level (Myrtaceae) and four taxa to genus level due to their sterile state.
Qualidade fisiologica de sementes de guabijuzeiro (Myrcianthes pungens (Berg) Legrand - Myrtaceae) em armazenamento.
Plant species that produce essential oils are called aromatic plants and are distributed worldwide; these plants (over 17,000 species) belong to a limited number of families: Asteraceae, Cupressaceae, Lamiaceae, Lauraceae, Rutaceae, Myrtaceae, Piperaceae, and Poaceae [5, 8].
Therefore, the aim of this research was to analyze the survival of grafting combinations between jabuticabeira Acu (Plinia cauliflora) and rootstocks from other species of the Myrtaceae family.
O Estado de Mato Grosso do Sul detem uma grande diversidade de vegetacao nativa com especial destaque para a familia Myrtaceae (Sciamarelli et.
(Myrtaceae) plants but no correlation was found between temperature and population densities of these aphids in Central Mexico (Salas-Araiza et al.
Number Plant (1) Eucalyptus acmenoides (2) Eucalyptus benthamii (3) Eucalyptus bosistoana (4) Eucalyptus botryoides (5) Eucalyptus eximia (6) Eucalyptus globoidea (7) Eucalyptus gummifera (8) Eucalyptus maculata (9) Eucalyptus notabilis (10) Eucalyptus paniculata (11) Eucalyptus pilularis (12) Eucalyptus punctata (13) Eucalyptus resinifera (14) Eucalyptus saligna (15) Eucalyptus smithii (16) Eucalyptus umbra (17) Eucalyptus viminalis Number APNI name Family (1) Eucalyptus acmenoides Schauer Myrtaceae (2) Eucalyptus benthamii Maiden & Cambage Myrtaceae (3) Eucalyptus bosistoana F.
Feijoa sellowiana (Berg) of Myrtaceae family is commercially cultivated as a fruit tree.